About Us

LAN5 wants to make quality accessible to a wider audience. We distinguish ourselves in the following areas:

We love to work with new techniques.

All our solutions use Responsive Web Design. This keeps your website fully accessible to both desktops, tablets and smartphones. A separate mobile website is no longer necessary!

We deliver quality at an affordable price.

We find that many companies in times of crisis choose cheap solutions. These solutions prove to be more expensive in the long run. With us you will get value for your money. A website is in fact more than just graphic design. What looks nice, doesn't have to work nice. It can have a poor quality code with bad performance.

Whatever your budget is, we will find a solution.

The possibilities are endless. From simple to advanced, from standard to customized packages. We believe that we can offer each customer a good solution, you know exactly where you stand; beforehand and not afterwards.

Is your business growing? We will grow with you.

Our solutions have an excellent foundation on which to build additional modules. Changes can easily be implemented. This may sound obvious, but the reality often proves the opposite!